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Prog, Djent, Core, Pop. CHAOSBAY from Berlin/Germany have kept the metal world in suspense. Hardly any other band combines virtuoso prog metalcore with radioready hooks in such a unique way. Now they are pushing the boundaries of modern alternative metal again. Known for their tireless work ethic, the band once again creates a masterpiece of timeless metal composition that guarantees both headbanging and frenetic sing-alongs. Super-heavy riffing and screaming meets angel-like vocals and powerful melodies.

On their new album ‘2222’, the Berlin Progressive Metalcore outfit CHAOSBAY takes us into a utopia of our world, and the album title suggests exactly what it is: a journey into the future, which is the common thread running through the almost 45-minute compilation of 12 songs, both in terms of content and music.

Musically, CHAOSBAY once again enter new worlds of sound and take their unmistakable interplay of unrestrained brutality and inescapable catchiness to the extreme. Almost every song has the potential for an epic stadium hit that couldn’t be more festival-ready.

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