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In late 2012 an eclectic group of composition scholars, electronic music producers, orchestral performers, and music journalists set out to create a record that would redefine expectations of what was possible within the rock music genre—a piece of work where elaborate orchestral arrangements, performed by real players (courtesy of the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra), would tussle with fierce metallic elements, film score ambiance, and some of the most charismatic and emotive voices in modern music.

The resulting work, 2015’s A Dream In Static, made an impact right out of the gate—garnering glowing reviews across elite tastemaker sites and even mainstream publications like The Guardian, while quickly racking up a couple million organic streams of the album on Youtube. The buzzing response also pulled the quartet out on the road in support of artists as diverse as Leprous, Soilwork, VOLA, Soulfy, and Voyager.

A new chapter of what Earthside has to deliver is upon us, and this is just the tip of the iceberg on what they have to offer.


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