Baarlo is a small village in the south of The Netherlands, close to the German border. The nearest city is Venlo, about 10km from Baarlo. With several castles, Baarlo is also called the Castle Village.

Photo of the park in Baarlo

A friendly small village

Baarlo is also a very friendly village. During ProgPower Europe, everyone here knows just how many people will be visiting Baarlo. They will help you in every possible way to make your visit a pleasant one.

Interesting things you should know about Baarlo include:

  • around 6.500 inhabitants
  • part of the municipality Peel en Maas
  • 2 supermarkets, Plus and Aldi
  • 2 pizzerias (Palermo and Milano)
  • 1 (excellent) Chinese restaurant, very popular with our regular visitors (WOK Baarlo)
  • 2 pubs, as well as Sjiwa’s basement bar (De Zwaan and Apprepo),
  • 2 snack bars (De Lekkerbek and Wilhelmina)
  • 3 restaurants (Centraal Baarlo, Apprepo, Brasserie Hofackers

Many annual events

During the day Baarlo is a very quiet village, but it celebrates several annual festivals, like the Volksfeesten (National feast), Carnival, a Fair and Ammyday festival. And of course ProgPower Europe has become a well known event in Baarlo and is the highlight of the year for many people.

All in all Baarlo has more than enough on offer to help make your stay during ProgPower as good as possible. Everything is within walking distance. Check out the photos of Baarlo, it will give you a good idea what to expect from this lovely place.